Business Continuity Plan

Giving you and your crew optimum support is all we care about.

Crew Care Logistics Nigeria Limited is committed to the security of her treasured assets and personnel to ensure sustained business continuity. In line with this objective, the following measures are in place to achieve the aim.

Private Security Personnel would be on guard in all our offices and operational locations.

All newly employed staff members would provide a documented character reference from two guarantors of impeccable reputation prior to their confirmation.

All security issues would be investigated, treated and proper remedial actions taken to prevent any reoccurrence.

All persons working for the organization shall be insured with a life Insurance cover, aside other benefits as part of staff retention plan within the organization.

All hard wares, equipment including the building is fully insured with the appropriate insurance policy in case of any fire hazard or accident

All documents relating to the company’s’ facility would be safe guarded in a treasury institution or third party Government Licensed Authority.

We will maintain a robust IT Infrastructural system with back -ups at all times.
Our server systems shall be fully backed up all the time with an alternative solution made ready in case of any accident
The company would also purchase or upgrade her Anti Computer Virus solutions all the time.

Cross departmental learning and skills transfer would be encouraged as part of our continuity strategy.
We will continue to partner with the Government in ensuring the implementation of the Nigerian Content Policy by primarily considering Nigerians before employing expatriates.

Approved by

Managing Director